Our History

Nuova F.NT. Fabbrica Nontessuti is a non-woven maker operating since earlier 80’s, when the Company “SNIA” was acquired. Today, Nuova F.NT. Spa is exclusively owned by the family of Mr. Cioli Giuseppe.

In last years production technologies were improved and changed according to market requests and today they are: hydroentangling, thermobonding, needlepunching, chemical bonding, spunbonding, further to an impregnating post treatment line and a powder glue scattering one.

In detail:
- Hydroentangling: from 30 to 250 gr/sqm, in PET, CV, PA, PP and a blend of these, in white, black and dyed colours. Also microfibers.
- Thermobonding 1: from 14 to 70 gr/sqm, in PET, PA, PP and a PP/CV blend.
- Thermobonding 2: from 100 to 140 gr/sqm in PA.
- Needlepunching: from 80 to 400 gr/sqm, in PET, white and black colours.
- Chemical bonding (2 lines): a wide range, combining PET and CV, with different levels of impregnation, different binders and fibres proportion. Weight between 20 and 150 gr/sqm.
- Spunbonding: from 20 to 250 gr/sqm, in all colours, only in PP. Also with flame retardant (FR) and anti UV rays treatments.
- Impregnation line: permits to give special characteristics to our standard non-woven fabrics: water-repellence, flame retardancy, prints and other special finishings.

This comprehensive range allows Nuova F.NT. to be present in many different market sectors: footwear, leather goods, filtration, coating substrates, embroidery, epilation stripes, automotive.

To face the requirements of the automotive market, in 2005 Nuova F.NT. has achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification, then regularly renewed. Accordingly, the quality of Nuova F.NT. 's products and the Management System is widely recognised.